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Types of SmartPhone Apps

What kind of applications is it posiple to build? Well the sky is the limit. If we look at the most popular Android and iPhone apps, you will then see game apps as the top selling ones. So most apps are game apps, but there are thousands of other you can get a good overview on this Apple link for iPhone apps.

Android app  shows some of the new Android apps and you can easy get and idea what's popular, there are also other websites that rank some of the top Android apps read more here. If you looking for a site only about Android apps, and you want to read reviews and get info on the different ones, you can join Android developer forums on the web, you can also read more here about some of the best Applications that has been made.

The most popular right now semes to be free apps, developers then make money using advetising. There different  options , like good adsense if you want to add ads to your apps, if you want see some of the good apps you can go to free apps.

There are also good and free marketing options for apps, you can use Facebook, and you can use Youtube. To get and idea of how to make a good, and cheap app video look at this online dating video. It is a cheap and fun app video , and with a litle budget, but still it has over 300000 views in Youtube.

The Future

What will the future bring? the next big thing  in applications will be TV apps, already we seeing the big electronic companies like samsung making apps for tv's, yes even google is making a internet TV. You can read more here about TV apps

Already apps have become more popular than the internet, and users are downloading more apps then expected. In the future we will see a demand for easy ways of finding the best apps in an easy and fast way.




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